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CYFwatchers & support Group

CYFWatchers & Support Group seeks system wide charges for Child, Youth and Family (CYF) who essentially run New Zealanders version of the Child Protection System (CPS). CYF make the bullets and the Family CourtS/Caught fires them. To this end I have put 3 Petition before Parliament you can see here being presented and I have another on the way. Please join my Facebook group Child, Youth and family services (CYF) accountability to find out more and/or my YouTube channel  If you want to read one of my many submission put before Parliament you can download it in PDF from here
Petition 2008/121 Date presented: 16 March 2011 "Requesting that the House of Representatives establish an independent complaints system for Child, Youth and Family separate from the Ministry of Social Development.

Petition 2011/33 Date presented: 25 July 2012 " That the House recommend that the Government establish a Royal Commission of Inquiry to review all aspects of New Zealand's child protection system"

Petition 2011/52 Date presented: 1 March 2013 "That the House recommend that the Government conduct an inquiry into the Ministry of Social Development's handling of the case of Graeme Axford, and that he be given a reasonable opportunity, due to his disability, to present his complaint in person"

4th one underway now (2014/5) “To the House of Representatives
That the House recommend that the Government establish a Royal Commission of Inquiry to review all aspects of New Zealand's child protection system and its purported avenues of redress not covered by the Howard Broad review of the Child, Youth and Family complaints system or the Green Paper for Vulnerable Children.

I will keep you posted J Graeme Axford New Zealand


  1. Who do I speak to to make sure that CYFS is not simply bullying my daughter(a young mother of 2) She has a mild mental health issue and is prone to behavior that attracts 'busy bodies' who think she is no drugs. This mean continual unfounded investigations by CYFS which pushes her deeper into her mental health problem.

  2. Hi, I suggest you follow this link and contact or email me and we will see what we can do.....

  3. Hi Graeme,

    You will have seen me posting on numerous sites that you visit regularly, I feel that CYFs are bullying my family and have been right since they were first involved it's an extremely long story, my partner and I are feeling totally abused and unheard within the system all our family and friends are in total disagreance with what CYFs are saying and we feel that there is no one who wants to help us get anywhere we have found a couple of people who are helping to the best of their ability, and totally disagree with the way that CYFs are treating us, I will email you with a copy of the letter that I have sent to CYFS and ANZAS, I feel that they havew more rights than we have the way that our 2 current social workers have been dealing with us is abusive and demeaning, please feel free to email me at

  4. I am so thankful I found your webpage and blogs they were a great help to me and my family,, keep up the good work...

  5. If you want to see changes to Child Youth and Family download the CYF petition and pass it around...

  6. Graeme good to see People interested in Cyf watchers & Support Group. The Group has been going for over a decade now, it is only last Yr that we changed our name. But not our service.
    PANIC West Coast is also part of our Organization. As well, we do a lot advocacy work. We encourage persons from all around NZ who contact us to try and find others in there area to form peer support. Often this is not easy as many parents get crushed by cyf all too often outragious behaviour. Or to put it another way, Cyf come in the front door, friends & relations head out the back one... I once said to judge John Strettell (Snr Family Court judge CH.CH), "Cyfs are scary!" The was silent for at least a full minute, then said" I Agree, they can be."
    So Folks; Cyfs, not yourselves are the paranoid ones.
    And where there is hope there is life at the end of what seems like a dark tunnel.
    I have noticed as of late, some judges are not happy with cyf often too blatant neg behaviour, have others elsewhere noticed this?
    I find if one stands up to cyfs in court, with
    what cyf are up to 'timelined with small important comments each step of the way, the judges are more inclined to take notice, especially when cyf own version does not stack up. Graeme stated something which is now Std Practice with us: We tell all clients to take wittnesses to any meetings with cyf, get cyf staff to write up all of what was talked about especially the main points, AND..
    everyone present signed the document and cyf copies it and copies are then given out before you leave the meeting. IF cyf saying they are coming around, tell them you will meet wioth them instead. Why? Why indeed should they have all the power! AND you can always find a safe venue to meet them..A local groups offices, or similar such as local church group premises. Give cyf an inch, they will walk all over you!
    Anyway our Trust trys to help parents & familys avoid a lot of the pitfalls whilst dealing with slips / zips ( as some lawyers like to call them).
    Our bi-word is: "You are not alone."
    We might only be a small group, but we are well known to many cyf workers right to the TOP! We are well loved by them... NOT!

  7. I follow what you have been doing with the vidoes, blogs and protesting, keep it up mate LOL

  8. Back again, Cyf Watchers & Support Group is backing the Protest next Mon 19th of April outside of > Cyf main CH CH Office> in Columbo Street CH CH from >> 10 am to 1 pm. Some of our Brothers in trouble with guess who... again and Sisters in trouble are coming from Auckland , Takapuna and locally with the dreded MEGAPHONE to PROTEST in CH over 3 days the Tues & Wed at other locations in CH CH where cyfs bosses etc hang out.
    Why Now, Why Christchurch.
    Well, it seems, PETER HUGHES is going to be there with all the Cyf area Managers.. OH GOODY!
    Tell your mates In CH CH to honk outside their offices on Mon... OR ANYWHERE IN NZ.
    Lets send these neo nazi scum a message, their days of parent bashing are numbered!!!!HONK< HONK< HONKKKKKKK!!!!!!!

    It seems the TV cameras could be there.
    I am looking forward to see the signs I painted on the NEWS> Many are ones in Graemes UTUBE videos, some even for sale on Trademe. Part of NZ History now.

    Graeme Axford will be there, good chance to met the man behind the growing legend, the man who has one of the most popular sites standing against the injustices of child welfare... in the whole world. Watchers & visitors to this site number in the millions...

    Or: just honk to support your relations friends or any poor sods getting screwed by a system that has no accountability and a complaints system that is like many of cys workers, straight from HELL!

  9. Good turnout for the Protesting in Christchurch,locals friendly. Seems not so cyfs.
    Well you buggers, we say we will do it we will, get used to it, this week was just a warm up.
    It is a NZers natural God- given right to protest. Treat parents and family like crims, make their lives hell, and expect to get away with it.. take notice, your days of crazed power trips are over.
    The weriting was on the wall ofter; youbethejudge... internet site exposed parent bashing.. Where is the main parent-bashing low-life social worker now after 10 years since the incidents in the aformentioned book?
    Running FGC's (Fore Gone Con Clussions on the West Coast of the South Island.
    Even if half of what was in this book about her was true, she would still not have been able to register as a Social worker under..ANY registration Criteria.
    This weeks Christchurch protests were on Canterbury TV.. Cyf had a person front up on their behalf. For a short while watching it, one would have thought that a comedy show had cut in on the news ans some clown was saying how great his organization was, all the great things they do, how things were doneall with semingly lack of problems, trying to create an atmosphere of a fairyland smooth running, then this person mentioned cyf was the organization. Well.. Either this person is a complete fuckwit and actually believes this or a lying piece of doggie do do.
    When will they learn that their actions have pissed off many parents and families who have frinds & extended families who see the neg damage done and also, have had a guts full.
    The bullshit and stunts cyf pull full out weigh any good they ever do.
    Cyf, before you can advertise your clean image,
    first, it is recomended you clean the fucker up! Like a lot of you, it sucks!
    It seems protentual cyf workers from overseas,
    who are looking at working for cyf, check out the down side by looking at sites like this that tell it as it is and seemingly, find the down side is; actually even thinking of working for cyf.
    Well cyf kick parents and families around long enough and it will come back squarely to bite your collective asses.
    And to quote a favorite answer to parents from cyf workers;"We don't Care!"
    Here is an old quote: You have been judged and found wanting."
    In people language: You talk up a storm, but like all bullies you are full of piss and wind!

  10. Here we are protesting in Christchurch

  11. On Maori TV

  12. hi lease keep me informed i have been trying to form similar groups in western aus, dcp here destroys so many families, but they alo target organisations that set up. let me know any wa contacts you have and stay in touch please, pip

  13. Hi Pip, cyf here hate the light, like most we use bully & terror, threats. Of course any opposition has them crapping bricks. Our HONK campaign is similar to what unions and protesters have done for yrs. It works. The honking upsets them throw in a dude talking sense and home truths on a megaphone this shatters them, Graeme and the guys were most pleased after using them protesting over in Christchurch, which after Auckland is NZ's 2nd biggest city now.
    We started 10 yrs ago as a support group as we found no groups to help victims of child welfare neg activites. We are still only small, but have many'friends of'
    With your problems in Aussie, scumbags are the same all over. It would be interesting to find out what sort of nastys they get up to over the ditch.
    Feel free to write some comments on such.

  14. Whoops, first line previous comment should read; THEY use bully & terror, threats>

  15. Graeme great to see you back protesting outside
    Cyf Greymouth again. Cyfs may have shifted just down the road, pity they do not shift their stance on accountability and an independent complaints body. They SUCK.

  16. My partner wants to hunger strike outside the CYF office in Papanui, when he threatened this to them, they slapped a restraining order on me and my partner! Then they did an affidavit saying that I said that! Lies! But I would join my partner if I knew it would make a difference. Please notify us of the next protest because we WILL be there

  17. Keep and eye on our facebiik group for protest info!/group.php?gid=162963230683

  18. I just wanted to say thanks for the delightful webpage and all the information you put out there from people to read. I was going to contact you but don’t need to now as I have all of what I need to do the job at hand from you already. CYF must love you and regret the day they took you and our family on

  19. Interesting about Papanui cyf getting upset as they I think are the biggest branch of cyf in Ch Ch. Even suggesting a hungerstrike, you have got a reaction out of the buggers.
    That same reaction just shows what a pathetic, gutless, paranoid pack of 'rear parts' they are.


  20. It is always good that if even 'one' person can get help from this site, it makes all the hard work of keeping the site up and running with advice, suggestions and info, all so worth while.


  22. Cyf pulling the Permanency stunt again. Oh great. just another excuse to isolate parents & family from children. While this sounds a good idea.. where are the safe guards for the rights of children, parents & families... yeah none.
    Cyftake any changes like this to be their God-given right to do what the hell they like and with no real comlaints system or governence to keep them in line, with there bleating of best practace, when they make usual stuff ups, families once more in the firing line. So much for helping parents & families.. still same old shoot first bury the bodies later. Cyf never learn and the do -gooder arseholes pushing this latest round of crap should back the fuck off and look at giving more power to parents not find ways to take the powers & rights away. Not all parents are bad, it is in cyf best interests to say they are! Cyf powers need curbing and cutting back as this Dept has nothing in place to keep and eye on them. Their complaints system is pure 100% bullshit!
    When they violate parents rights, harm children by negative actions, lie in court, nothing is in place to make them accountable.
    The whole Cyf dept is corrupt and getting worse. Cut their funding and watch the rats desert a sinking ship!
    Back in the day, child welfare helped families and parents, now they treat them as criminals. Self righteous hypocrites.
    If their shit for brains bosses went back to their roots and core function, maybe, just maybe they will get it right!
    Meanwhile they just go on their merry way screwing up lives!

  23. Graeme suggest you change the blog click on part to another colour or high light it some how
    in the part that actually brings it up. This would make it easier to access as it is rather annoying to find it.

  24. It seems there is going to be a big protest outside of CYF office Greymouth on 7-8th Sept

  25. Because of problems re earthquake christchurch.
    Protest outside Greymouth Cyf Office was only for one day. But what a day! Visitors from Auckland, top of the south came together with locals to Protest over common issues that effect all those who come under the negative
    attentions of those lovely persons in a certain out of control govt dept.
    Some call them neo nazis, vampires.. whatever. They destroy and suck the life out of families!
    It appears the vistors were familar with some staff employed by Cyfs in Greymouth Cyf office that most thought had crawled back into the holes they had crept out of a while back, lied and misled the family courts then
    faded away, leaving destroyed families.
    Not so it seems cyf dug them up, and recycled these tolal rejects to humanity as cyfs supervisors and such. Like the quality of some staff at CYF is not shocking enough already.
    I pity any of the good CYF workers who have to work with low life, lying family & parent bashers like them.
    The terminators from Auckland summed it up; "We'all be back!"

  26. When you think cyf cannot get worse, they have done it. And it is on their wedsite.
    Cyf are trying a new scheme, obscure & nasty.
    Typical crass carry-on. This also involves local West Coast hospital child mental health workers, run by at least three senior Greymouth Cyf Office bosses. Absolute proof the Nutters are well and truly in charge at Cyf.
    Three of the people named in this Cyf release, are well known failures as humans, and are parent bashers, have made a mockery of the Cyf Act, thoroughly destroyed & destroying kids lives and families. Worse; hve been promoted. Now these scum are being given more powers to carry out more nasty actions.
    According to the public release, they are;
    Christine Mckenna, Elizabeth Matich, Lyndsey Miller, all based in Greymouth on the South Island West Coast.
    Mckenna is the Boss of Cyf greymouth, slippery as a greasy pole, saying one thing whilst planning other ways to carry out her own agenda to get back at parents for daring to speak out. As to if this will help any children, has nothing to do with it, kids end up mal adjusted whilst in cyf care.. what has that got to do with it.
    Matich, the famous main charactor in the now world famous on-line book: YOUBETHEJUDGE (Google this as one word) A criminally insane known high profile Parent Basher, who gets her kicks from intimindation.
    Miller, unstable at the best of times, hates parents, teaching children that bribery can get whatever you like. Prime proof that cyf will employ, then re-employ dangerous kooks.
    No wonder this small gang of nutters stick together, most including their workmates want nothing to do with them
    In a real world, the way these 3 carryout social work would be used by cyf staff training new employees, as a warning as to what not to do as a social worker. Instead these dangerous bozos are promoted and used as blatant propaganda (WW2 Nazi widespread practice) to make out all is well and cyf is doing a good wonderful job. Smoke & mirrors,
    or in plain terms = pure bullshit!
    Until Cyf get an 'Completely' Independent Complaints Authority and full Accountability.
    sick arseholes like the Mckenna, Matich, Miller will keep the sickness in CYF going.

  27. Graeme, I think you should maintain some control of your blog and not allow posts like the one above that singles out individuals for personal attack. A lot of people will be put off by that. I know that there will always be some posters who are over the top in their comments but if you allow such posts to remain you may give the impression that you approve of them.

  28. I agree, Graham should control his Blogs in the same way CYFS control their staff. Given I have had involvement with CYFS due to a step-granddaughter being in their care and after seeing the way my family and many other are treated, why be nice to CYFS. If CYFS had a proper independent complaints system to protect the staff, organisations and clients people could go to then I would agree those comments would be out of order. However if people want to vent until that day comes I hope Graeme does not become a gatekeeper or get into censorship. I read the youbethejudge book and OMG Elizabeth Matich, should have been sacked not prompted or moved within the MSD. If that the standards the hold and calibre of persons they employ, I can see why they end up in the shit so often. CYFS personal attacks on my family were uncalled for and they way we were treated totally inhumane. So CYFS only have themselves to blame in my view.
    I think people need to speak out against those whose names are synonymous with their parent bashing, family destroying ways.

  29. Until Cyf has Accountability parent bashing will continue as most middle and top management of Cyf do not care. Make them aware by letter or email as to some of the outragious behaviour of a numder of their staff, they ignore or fob you off. They work for a govt dept, as such, you are in the public domain, therefore the public has a right to expect-
    staff to act in a proper manner and above reproach. Cyf social workers are ment to stick to a well thought out code of conduct.
    Who enforces this? No one!
    Given that many so-called fully trained social workers would not not be eligible to be registered as a social worker, cyf Senior staff hire or re-hire them any way, no matter how many complaints, serious breaches of conduct, totally unsafe practaces or are a nutcase or raving loony.
    It appears that some of these unsafe nutters are being hired back. some are promoted, most getting paid a lot more than other better behaved staff who are often more or better qualified.
    And they are there to deal with children and problem children, yet many act like rabid flounders around parents and families.
    If some of these nutters get named, so what. I could name a few myself, that are a menace and unstable. How they get employed in the first place is a mystery. Perhaps a previous
    post is right, Nazis often swept up the dregs of society in the prisons and gave them jobs as officials working in a Government Dept as secret police with huge powers over their fellow citizens.
    All most victims of Cyf want is, Accountability and a proper Complaints Authority. My own family has seen the vicious side of CYF Personal. lied to, persecuted, hounded, threatened, abused and the rest. So a few nasty types get nammed.
    They should be hung out to dry with all the rest of Cyf dirty washing!

  30. Child Youth and family staff managed a criminal trial in Dunedin. Evidence against the male accused was fabricated by them and he served a jail sentence. Is there a lawyer out there who can help this man clear his name.He has proven that his ex partner lied because the police prosecution challenged her evidence. When CYFS were asked about all of the above they replied that his complaints were upheld and they would investigate. He has not heard a thing since. he has custody of his child now and is expected to just forget about it. This man had never been to jail and had never had a conviction before CYFS came into his life

  31. A fellow cyfs worker once said to the media, when we get it wrong, we really get it wrong.
    Pity that this Dept has no backup policy other than try to wiggle out any blame attached.
    I can well understand why parents and families can get so frustraited when the Dept fails to deliver or put matters right.
    I can also understand when people protest and want changes. Some of us agree that there needs to be an independent complaints
    unit for the Dept. I went into debt to pay for my qualifications as a social worker, yet the Dept employs staff who are not qualified and call them social workers. The Dept then claim these persons are getting on the job training. Many are absolutely useless. Do not get me started on how much they are getting paid, work ethics and pay parity. It is sickening that some untrained staff get paid more than the fully qualified social workers.
    I left my ex, brought up my children by myself as well as took out loans to train as a social worker, then shift to where I now live, take out more loans to buy a house.
    I just get by on my CYF salary. I cannot really shift to a bigger town or city and get a better social worker position, as I am some what locked in paying off loans.
    I would like an independent CYF complaints Unit as I would also be able to complain about issues that upset me, like the differences in pay, unsafe practaces and hopefully see the removial of unsafe staff as some are complete nutters of whom many fellow workers feel very strongly in that they give the Dept and fellow workers a bad name. I am sick of getting tarred with the same brush. There are very few I would trust in this Dept and no one I can complain to. Even the Union and social worker registration boards are totally useless.
    As such I agree with what the protesters want, there is an over whelming need for a fully independent complaints body for CYF personal and parents, families even older children that the Dept works with.
    Some of my colleages may not agree with what I have written. Tough, get over it.

  32. Just saw your comment re Pam Walkinshaw (Greymouth - has she been transferred from Christchurch?)
    We had serious misgivings re her conduct in Christchurch years ago. I have little expectations that she has improved for the better. I put her in the same category as Jane Harry.
    Don Hudson. No problem with my name.
    I don't have accounts and so clicked the box 'Anonymous'.
    Keep up the good work.
    I may get back into the action again soon.
    Pam Walkinshaw and Cathy Crawford and their team effort cost a policeman his job.

  33. Yeah cover her and Christine Mckenna the present manager of Greymouth CYF with chocolate and you get a complete nut baa
    especially as it appears Christine is always bleating to the local plod about protestors.

  34. Cluck, cluck hurrah F.
    The Greymouth Cyf Manager took our long-standing advice and fell on her sword!.
    Close race folks between the Order of the Boot (First Class) and resigning, (Well over due) The Latter Won.
    I wonder if her 3 partners in crime will get the hint and bugger off also?

    Youbethejudge, well known parent basher.

    Timmerman, who sets up both Police and parents, 2-faced and into Home Invasion.

    Miller, bribes kids and dangerous nutter.

    You 3 bozos; don't even think about applying for Greymouth Cyf Managers Job.
    Just Go!

  35. It seems that they removed the sword before she actually feel on it. The Greymouth Cyf manager is getting re-cycled instead, just proves the point once again, the dumder you are and the longer you hang in, the further up the ladder you go, it appers that whose ever arse she had been brown nosing has said she is too valuable to lose. Typical, the cyf crap goes on, at least with a weed you can spray it, with a rabid dog, it is put down! Pity same does not apply to rabid senior cyf workers and their sidekicks in crime.
    The youbethejudge is running things while she is away. Definate case of a prise Nutter running a Loony Bin.
    Cyf have learnt nothing, mind you who is to stop them, the gutless wonders who have been their Ministers past & present, do nothing in the face of overwelming evidence, cyf are out of control. A festering hot spot on the face of humanity.
    Sucabus, nazis, leeches, vampires, cyf suck the life out of familes.
    Child, Youth & SCREW THE FAMILIES.. That is truly what CYF stands for, the Criminal Scum!

  36. Poor Christine, those few protesters getting to you? The Pope should make you a saint, as you are a martyer to your cause.
    Saint Tefflon, Patron saint of complete unadultarated arseholes.

  37. It appears Mckenna has headed to greener pastures. great lot Cyf, must be the only organisation that when you screw up big time, they promote you. would be cheaper to buy a padock and put some of these old cows out to pasture. Youbethejudge could join her. They could chew the cud over how many lives they have turned to crud. Cyf may have thought they had stopped the protesters from using their megaphones, thats a laugh, cyf think?
    their shoot first, let some other jerks worry about the bodies, makes this an impossibility.
    They pay lawyers and other bloodsuckers to do there thinking. Dont worry Mckenna, seeing that you missed out on the megaphone seranade recently and we all know how much you like it,
    the protesters are going to give you double or triple the lovely sounds from these nice megaphones to make up for it. Perhaps a day trip to Nelson, be just like old times.

  38. Sunday, January 21, 2007
    Pusilanimous Anonimity

    Cyfs Watchers allows people to attack CYFS and their staff with anonimity. I find that sad. I wonder why the people that post vitriolic and pusilanamous attacks like we find on CYFS Watchers lack intestinal fortitude. I think they must.
    I have been a trenchant critic of CYFS for over two decades. However they do do some very good work and that must be acknowledged. Where criticism is due by all means criticise. However be open and above board when doing so. I have never been afraid to put my name to anything postive or negative. I hope others, who have difficulties with cyfs might do likewise. I have started this blog because I believe that CYFS Watchers will not be objective in what the allow to be published on their blog site.
    Terry Gosset

  39. It appears that a certain CYS office in the Christchurch area got smashed up a bit.
    If certain arseholes treat parents and family's like crap,expect it or clean up your ACT.
    On Facebook there is a picture of a side of a truck showing a sign. Great sign; SAVE A CHILD SHOOT A SOCIAL WORKER.
    There again would they notice? Usually if they are not shooting off their mouths they are shooting themselves in the foot.
    Translated; Abusing parents & families and when this backfires, taking sick leaves.
    Years ago arseholes like this flourished running concentration camps, now they just work for the likes of CYF. Many are really sick individuals with same mindset.

  40. Where has the old CYF Complaints Panel Gone?
    A new hand picked and filled with CYF sucker uppers or ex employeees in in place, run by the jerk who used to be an ex-CYF worker who Ran the Child Commission until he got run-off from there for pulling bullshit. yes folks he let it out and it landed bank in his face.
    Interestingly, CYF still call say Complaints Panel is independent. Independent of what or who? certainly not CYF. Should cut out the CYF name and go straight to Dept of Liars.
    LIARS = Lying, Ignorant, Arrogant, Shitheads.
    Definitely a more suited names that just sums up their activities.

  41. Good news for some, bad news for Child youth and screw the Family Govt Dept. it appears after Graeme Axfords recent trip north where CYFthem be into the B was getting somewhat of a come-up-pence and special attention to remind them of the unsafe practices they use, are not except able, ever! A while back CYF personal were calling themselves Practitioners. That word has kinda faded. For sure, for sure, practicing in the Black Arts!
    Ya got that right. People who have been victims of CYF vile practices have come forward and offered all sorts of help including some with huge cheque books and long memories who just L_O_V_E CYF.
    It is in simple maths, what goes around comes around, in this instance, the parents, grandparents, up right citizens CYF have harmed have come back to haunt you. They do not exactly want revenge, they want to get even, whatever it takes.

  42. A father gets pissed off by cyf in Papanui and packs a wally. Tough titty you scumbags, you treat people like crap, parents like crims, you get between parents and their children, all too often with little to no reason, expect at the very least for them to say ENOUGH and KICK YOUR COLLECTIVE ARSES.

    Then the spiteful sods still will not let the pissed off Dad see his child. Proves the usual, CYF screw up and blame the parents and parents have litle to no rights
    101 equation, piss people off naturally they get angry this is normal "Dah!" Then CYF you have the audacity to accuse parents of being unsafe, like you had F- all to do with itAll you are, state sanctioned child kidnappers, brain washers, modern day NAZIs who answer to no one.
    You have pissed off a lot of people for many years, with the protesting getting more and more coverage out there, a number of persons are putting their fear of you behind them and coming forward with ever increasing horror stories of abuse suffered by them, their families and their children.
    They all have one thing in common, they all hate CYF guts.

  43. Bennett, you useless womble, a mother loses it, Cyf involved for a number of years, but not Cyf fault, A huge number of agencies involved.
    Mother manipulative. Well your sick Dept should know, they are masters at it. Hey a case of calling the kettle black, by white washing as usual Bennett do you actually believe the drivel you tell the public?
    People lay complaints with Cyf, they get fobbed off or ignored, naturally they get bitter & pissed off they have a right to real answers. When you have thoroughly upset Parents and Family to the point they are angry your underlings tell the courts that these are angry people and should not have kids. Your gutless wonders hide behind the CYF Act, do not give a rats about the well being of most kids in your care, nor what happens to them!Bennett you and Cyf can only blame yourselves as you do not have the guts or decency to give parents families what they really want; a real, 'FULLY" Independent, Complaints Authority. An Authority with teeth, one that can order further action be taken. The Cyf component of helping parents and Families is sadly now a dead myth.
    Your complaints system is a hollow gesture.
    In fact it is just like you full of piss and wind.
    So blowhard, when are you going to do the only realistic decent thing and give us a proper complaints authority. Try honesty for once, I know it is an unknown concept to yourself and that gutless wonder full of crims, dept you run. And that poor guy in Christchurch still not allowed to see his child, same reason your lot pissed him off in the first place, you never learn nothing other than covering your lying arses.

  44. New Years Honours list.
    Ex Cyf CEO honoured for services to the State.
    Proves arseholes always look after their own
    What services, he was a dismal failure.
    This bozo could not control CYF nor fix its huge failings. Got paid a huge amount in salary to ignore such. He was and is a disgrace.
    Giving this person a Queens award is a slap in the face of decency , his job as CEO of CYF, he did only one thing, made more victims of parents, families and more children corrupted and brainwashed in care.
    The bozo should have been given the order of the boot years ago.

  45. It seems the 2 notoriously sicko social workers from CYF Greymouth office the treehugger & YOUBETHEJUDGE are over in Christchurch, temporary.
    As if Christchurch, already had not been subjected to enough scary, goings on!
    Both are well known nutters and parent bashers.
    Both are products of Cyf recycling(rehiring after nasty cocking up).

  46. What of a Counselor telling under age girls it is quite ok to have sex with older men.

    A female nurse has sex with underage boys seemingly thinks this is ok. Gets a huge sentence of one year home detention.

    When a man does this, he gets years in prison with often non -parole.

    The Counselor is obliged by law to report any child abuse. Having sex with an underage person or condoning such is child abuse, a crime. It is Pedophile behavior.

    This nurse is also a sexual predator must be laughing her head off.
    You do the crime you do the time... same as a man gets. Wholesale discrimination.

    Where was cyf in all this? Did you appeal the sentence! Have the Counselor dragged into court, have the man or men taking part in underage sex locked up?
    Double standards. There again, there are tossers at Cyf that properly think this behavior is quite ok, as seemingly, none of them have spoken out.

  47. It appears Benefit Basher Bennett is now bashing over (targeting) kids as well. Shameless Hussy! A Northland School was getting supplied free lunches for 15-50 kids each day by a Maori trust. It appears this trust was not supposed to do this Robin Hood act of kindness as it did not fall into the requirements of what their funding or contracts said they were allowed to use their funds for. Typical cyf attitude from the num nuts who run that crap for brains govt dept. GUTLESS WONDERS!

  48. Where can I get involved with this? I have had terrible dealings with cyps through false allegations from my ex, today I had a surprise visit, not that I care as I have nothing to hide, coz latest complaint was state of the house poor hygiene drug use neglect etc, waste of time they asked me how I kept my house so clean with 4 kids, the lady said her own house was messier and they did arrive after school when we were all having a snack and doing homework! And god forbid I was polishing my girls school shoes at the same time! Tea was already cooked as I do it in mornings when house is empty and the worst crime I done was have there school lunch box sitting in the sink to wash before filling them back up with food! Must admit today's cyps were really nice! The first lady needs to be fired for her behavour and treatment of myself and my children,

    1. Contact me you can also find me an my group on facebook and I am taking the issues to the beehive for the second time